Posted on Dec 3, 2018

Tooth Fairy Works LLC

This princess's name is Addie, she's a doll. She is five years old and hasn't lost a tooth yet. We introduced her to The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box and toy. There is a part in the story where "Jordan" the little girl in the book, finds a special treasure box on the front door step of their home. Addie, first of all, wanted to hold the treasure box the whole time I read the story, so when this part of the story came up, the treasure box was already in here hand. As soon as Addie saw Jordan find her treasure box, Addie held her treasure box up also to show me that she had one too and that she was now part of the story as well. She smiled at me as she looked down at the box, back up at the book, and then you could see her little wheels starting to turn. She understood! I want your child to have a fun and positive tooth fairy experience. I care about our children because they need a lot more of engagement these days. Most kids today are taught, raised, and entertained by computers. It's our job as parents to slow them down, and keep them in touch with real life experiences. Every single time I have story time with a child they light up, get excited, and most of all feel loved. Keeping in touch with our kids shows them the importance of interactions with other human beings. We need to engage more with our children as a part of raising them properly, because this is the way we where made. To touch, feel, make eye contact, feel apart of something, with real live people!!
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